Hey what’s up? This is Derek Piper and Jacob Southey bringin sports to you in a whole new way. We live and breathe sports and here is where we give our opinions on games, stories, predictions, and everything sports. So yeah, here it is. Feel free to post a comment and hope you enjoy.

Need to contact us? You can e-mail me at piper2@illinois.edu. Thanks


2 responses to “About

  1. Kevin

    Okay, you got me interested! Da Boys are back in town and they are hungrey from the long ride to the playoffs! Bring it on! I’m starting to see more ‘Boys wear in stores lately! Why another win and the economy will be back on track! Go ‘Boys!

    After what ‘Bama did to Texas, we are mad and we ain’t gonna take it anymore!

  2. Hello Derek and Jacob,

    I recently discovered your blog in my Illini Google Alerts. I like a lot and have added to my blog roll.

    I run my own blog, WritingIllini.com. Give it a look some time and shoot me an E-mail at writingillini@gmail.com.

    Keep up the good work.


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