Quite an Exciting Weekend

     At a glance, some would have thought that this past weekend was going to be a sports downer, but my how wrong they were. I mean sure, you look in the paper and see that College Gameday is at the UCLA-Washington game and that Sunday would be comprised of more Olympic action, that was completely ruined by the atrocity that is male figure skaters (just a joke), and you would think, “Man, this sucks.” You also were planning on tossing the remote against the wall in the first half of the Illinois-Purdue game when the Illini were down by 30 at half, but hey that didn’t happen either (the remote was put in danger because of “the zebras”, not the Illinois’ lack of good play). Anyways, many, myself included, were somewhat skeptical of what was on this weekend’s slate, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

     The fact was that the combination of Saturday and Sunday turned out to be very entertaining. Just how entertaining? Well, let me say that if you love the USA and intense sporting action, the USA-Canada hockey game on Sunday night was a must-watch. You don’t even have to watch hockey on a regular basis, scratch that, you didn’t even have to know hockey at all to enjoy what went on in Vancouver last night. The highly touted Canadians, who seem to have every NHL star not named Ovechkin, were playing on their home ice against a country that hadn’t beaten them in 50 years. Honestly, I never thought hockey would ever scratch the surface of Feel Da Paign, but this game was just too good. In a back and forth battle, the US pulled it out 5-3. I’m not going to get into the stats too much, but I will say that goalie Ryan Miller was an absolute beast and that Brian Rafalski was clutch in scoring the Red, White, & Blue’s first two goals.  It was quite a game and if you did miss it,  “what the hell were you doing? Are you trying to be anti-American?” All kidding aside, if you did not catch the action, you better pay attention to this team in the coming week.

     Another game worth mentioning went on in College Park, MD on Saturday where there was not just one game winner, but two. The atmosphere was insane, just ask Scott Van Pelt who said on his show today that he fell off his chair in a victory celebration (watch the tall, bald guy that falls at about 1:10 on the video, that would be Van Pelt and no, I’m not kidding). Even without the falling Sportscenter anchor, this is a must see… (I got this from Youtube, excuse the obscenity at 1:16)

     All in all, this was a great weekend as long as you weren’t watching PAC-10 basketball. I’ve already mentioned the best two games but others like: Illinois-Purdue, Ohio St-Mich St, Nova-Pitt, were all great games to watch. If only every weekend could be that exciting. As for now, I can’t wait to watch the US lace up the skates again.

-Derek Piper


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