Southey’s Mock Draft

* You have probably been seeing Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr breaking down the draft on ESPN, here’s our version of Mel Kiper with muscles. So in case you missed it, here is Southey’s Mock Draft.

1. St. Louis Rams: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

The Rams can’t possibly pass up his talent with the first pick in the draft. I know the Rams have a whole to fill at the QB position but I don’t think there is a guy that is the answer for them at this pick. You take the sure Bet in Suh because he’s got great size and speed and did you see what he did to Texas O-Line in the Big 12 Championship.

2. Detroit Lions: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Although I’m not sold on McCoy’s talent I think he is a good fit in Detroit. Detroit has lacked a playmaker at DT since they traded away Shaun Rogers a couple of years ago. McCoy has a questionable character issue and I don’t know if he gives it his all every play but he has got the talent to become great and when have the lions ever had problems taking guys with character problems.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

This guy is number 1 on a lot of draft expert’s big boards and he’s also number 1 on mine. He is getting a lot of comparison’s to Ed Reed and I think they are very true. From day 1 at Tennessee he made plays left and right. He fits perfect in the Tampa 2 system that the Bucs run and I believe there is no risk at taking him number 3.

4. Washington Redskins: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

I believe he will be the first QB taken in this draft because of his body of work in college. I don’t think teams are scared about the shoulder injury he suffered last season. Lets face it the Redskins are starting a new Regime with the hiring’s of GM Bruce Allen and Coach Mike Shannahan. Bradford has got good size, an above average arm and he is a very smart player. Jason Campbell is out and Sam Bradford is in

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St

Okung is the best O-line men in this years draft and the Chiefs struggled to protect QB Matt Cassel last season so this is a great pick for them at number 5. This guy is the real deal with a combination of strength, speed and very quick feet.

6. Seattle Seahawks: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Norte Dame

I think Clausen goes here because Matt Hasselback’s career is coming to an end and Coach Pete Carroll needs a new QB that he can develop. I don’t know about him being the 6th pick in the draft though. Don’t get me wrong Clausen is a very talented kid but I don’t think he is worthy of a 1st round pick. He should be a interesting prospect and I’m really wanting to see how he turns out.

7. Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden, CB, Florida

You want to talk about a lock down corner. The name that comes up in this year’s draft is Joe Haden. This guy is a great cover corner and would be something that the Cleveland Browns would be very interested in and need really bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if Haden went in the top 5 but I think he will land in Cleveland.

8. Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

Man do the Raiders need a QB or what. Too bad there is not one to take in this spot. I think they take the 6’7 310 pound Bruce Campbell with this pick. This guy is definitely worthy of a top 10 draft pick but then again who knows what the crazy Al Davis will do with this pick.

9. Buffalo Bills: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

Some people say the Bills need to get a QB with this pick but I think they should go out and get Mike Vick when he becomes available. That way they can draft Anthony Davis with this pick. Left tackle is a hole that the Bills need to fill and no pun intended but Davis would fit that bill.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

I know everyone wants the Jaguars to take Tim Tebow with this pick but I believe the Jags have more sense about football then the rest of this world. David Garrard is a very good QB and the Jags need defense so go out and get the best pass rusher and that is Derrick Morgan. Morgan can get to the QB and lets see well the Jags D line men couldn’t last year so its got to be Morgan here.

11. Denver Broncos: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St

Looks like Brandon Marshall is going to be out of Denver sometime soon so why don’t they replace him with Dez Bryant. Bryant sat out most of last year because of some academic reasons but that doesn’t take away this kid’s talent and motor. A tall WR just like Brandon Marshall, good speed and very good hands. Say hello to Brandon Marshall JR.

12. Miami Dolphins: Ronaldo McClain, MLB, Alabama

The Dolphins are looking for an inside linebacker for their 3-4 defense and lookie here McClain’s here. McClain is a leader on and off the field and is a high IQ football player and is very good tackler. The Dolphins do need a big play receiver but Bryant just got picked by the Broncos and there is not any other receivers good enough to be drafted this high.

13. San Francisco 49’ers: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

49’ers main concern right now is protecting QB Alex Smith and Bulaga provides that protection. A very athletic lineman and can play either RT or LT. 49’ers do need play makers but they can address that later on in the draft.

14. Seattle Seahawks: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

Well they got their QB with pick number 6 and now they protect him with pick number 14 and to me that guy is Trent Williams. A big offensive tackle that the Seahawks needed ever since Walter Jones retired and Williams will be their guy.

15. New York Giants: Brian Price, DT, UCLA

The Giants struggled on the defensive side of the ball all year and they need a big guy in the middle to stop the run. Price had a great year at UCLA and what I would consider to be a monster to deal with at DT. They pick him here and then they piece up the rest of their defense with their other picks in the draft.

16. Tennessee Titans: George Selvie, DE, USF

Titans could not get pressure on the opposing team’s QB’s last year unless they blitzed. Selvie provides a pass rush ability with his tremendous speed and great moves. There is some other Defensive Ends they could pick here but I believe Selvie is the best available.

17. San Francisco 49’ers: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

This is where the 49’ers get that home run hitter they have been dying for. Spiller may be the most talented player in the draft but I know for a fact this kid can score anytime he touches the ball. He can run, Catch, and return kicks for the 49’ers. He is the ultimate team player.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Terrance Cody, DT, Alabama

Steelers need a new big guy in the middle. Cody provides the biggest size you can get in this draft and he is going to command a double team at all times. Good run defender but not very good at getting to the QB but the Steelers already got End’s and Linebackers to do that. Plus Cody can block kicks.

19. Atlanta Falcons: Earl Thomas, S, Texas

Atlanta lacks a play making defensive back, so they need a guy like Thomas at this pick. If ballhawk was in the dictionary then you would find Thomas’s name right next to it. This guy is always around the ball and he knows how to make plays when he gets a chance too.

20. Houston Texans: Donavon Warren, CB, Michigan

The Texans need a guy opposite of Dunta Robinson and Warren is the best option they got at CB. A talented football player that is a coach away from becoming a very good football player, he fits into the Texans plan very nicely.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

Gresham is the best tight end in the draft and he is really like a big wide receiver. Got good speed but is coming off a knee injury. The Bengals are willing to take the risk because they haven’t had a talented tight end since god knows when so Gresham just makes sense here.

22. New England Patriots: Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

The Patriots still have a very potent offense and can still be contenders to go to the Super Bowl but they have to sure up that defense. Hughes does that by providing good pass rush and he is very versatile and I could see him playing some outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense that the Patriots run.

23. Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown, OT, USC

Packers didn’t have many problems last year but O-line was definitely one of them. They need to protect Rodgers so he can have the longest career possible. Brown is a top notch LT to block for Aaron Rodgers blind side.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

They have a choice between Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Graham and I think they go Graham here because of his ability to play multiple positions. He is only 6’1 so he can play some outside linebacker as well as defensive end and Andy Reid loves guys that can do it all.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois

Ravens need a big play wide receiver and I don’t know if Benn is the answer but he is good enough to take a stab at him. Benn has got the body of a god and great speed but his hands are sometimes lacking and he is always bothered by little nagging injuries.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

Everyone knows that Arizona is looking for a good pass rushing defensive end. Dunlap is a unbelievable talent but has got some major character problems. I think he will be fine and he might just be the biggest steal of the entire draft.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Taylor Mays, S, USC

I think this would be a good spot for Taylor Mays to land. Dallas needs a good safety to go along with their stellar corners. Mays is 6’3 which also could give him the ability to play some OLB for the Cowboys if they wanted to get fancy with their play book.

28. San Diego Chargers: Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas

They need someone to take over for the aging Jamal Williams so I’m thinking they will go with Houston with this pick. He is a just a guy to fill in so that the other Chargers defensive teammates can go make some plays while he is taking on 2 O-line men.

29. New York Jets: Brandon Lafell, WR, LSU

I believe they need a WR with this pick and I think that Lafell makes more sense than Damian Williams at this point. Lafell is 6’3 and would provide a great weapon at slot wide receiver for the Jets for years to come.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise St.

Their corners are getting older and they are both injury prone so I’m going to say they take Kyle Wilson with this pick. This guy has great leadership and he also knows how to win coming from Boise St. I think he will be a great Nickelback his rookie season and then will step into a bigger role.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn St

The Colts are looking to keep their D-line very strong so I think they will add Odrick here. He becomes the 6th DT to be taken in the first round. He has some off the field problems but nothing to keep him out of the first round. A very talented versatile player.

32.  New Orleans Saints: Everson Griffen, DE, USC

With the expected departure of Charles Grant, the Saints want to replace him right away and they are able to do that in Griffen. Very sound pass rusher with great moves and could help New Orleans become one of the elite defenses in the NFL.


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